Personalizing Your Passion Planner: Values Reflection

values with stripes

One of the reasons I love my Passion Planner is because it gives me so many tools to set and then achieve my goals. And all of those tools are so appealing! So practical! So concrete!

And yet… in this coming new year, I’m actually making a big push to look beyond my goals. Oh, I’m certainly not going to ditch them completely! But in 2018 I need to make room—in both my life and my Passion Planner—to also reflect on my core values.

What are core values? They’re the guiding principles that help guide your life. If your goals are the “what,” then your values are the “why.” While goals may bring you a sense of progress, it’s your values that actually give your life meaning.

I like to think of values as the unspoken “because” driving goals. Think “I want to ________________ , because I value ____________________.” For example, by the end of 2018 I want to revise my novel (goal) because I value creativity (value).

So, how do I plan to incorporate my core values into my Passion Planner?

Simple! As pictured above, I’ve modified the standard monthly reflection to include a reminder list of my values. I’ve also got an open-ended prompt question and space where I can ponder how I live those values on a day-to-day basis.

* * * * *

If you’re interested in playing along with me, follow these simple steps to get started!

Step One: Clarify your core values. What 5 to 15 principles most greatly impact your life? If you need some help brainstorming, consider perusing this list (or also this one). Both sites contain some excellent big concept terms. Bonus: if you’re a quiz lover like me, you can also take a free self-assessment over at Values in Action. Good times!

Step Two: Make your own values reflection page… or modify mine to meet your needs. (Note: my template is sized for the classic planner and uses the free fonts “Bebas Neue” and “Autumn in November” from

Step Three: Print your final draft of the template, trim it to fit, and paste it over one page of your monthly reflection. If necessary, modify the remaining page to meet your needs.

Step Four: Make time (either at the end of each week or once at the end of the month) to write down how you’ve recently embodied your core values. Let your reflection influence your plans for the upcoming month.

Happy New Year, and happy planning!