August Meal Plan #3: Lazy Days of Summer


Our grilled onions are delicious… and quite tasty alongside grilled oysters! 

This week’s CSA box includes carrots, zucchini, broccoli, Serenade melon, cherry tomato, and several sweet onions. I’ve also got to use up some red pepper. And I have a head of lettuce that Mr. M forgot to chop up for his fantasy football draft party (he had a taco bar, which always works well–with or without the leafy greens!)

Yes, this week will be salad heavy. And that’s good, actually. I’ve been noticing lately that I never take care of my own lunch. I’ll literally plan and pre-make everyone’s lunch but my own, and then somehow wind up surprised when I end up choking down the kids’ leftover sandwich crusts and broccoli stems for me meal. Perhaps it’s time to treat myself like an actual human being, instead of a sentient garbage disposal? Um, yes. And to that end, I’ll be stocking up on some salad swag for my lunches… and probably still have leftover lettuce for a meal.

Also, a pattern here: every meal involves my CSA produce and is SUPER easy. Apparently I’m also on a chicken kick and eschewing my usual vegetarian meal. Oops!

Ah, well. Bring on those last few lazy, hazy crazy days of summer!

Meal #1 (peppers)pesto chicken pasta with sliced veggies and spinach dip

Meal #2 (broccoli)chicken quinoa casserole with sliced veggies and spinach dip

Meal #3 (lettuce, cherry tomato)crispy chicken salad

Meal #4 (peppers, onion) – chicken fajitas, just using the recipe on the back of the spice packet

Meal #5 (zucchini, onion) – grilled oysters and sweet onions with zucchini tots  (I’ll have to post my recipe ASAP for the onions!)

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