Journal Prompts for Mindful Parenting

journal prompts

Photo by Wyat L. Taylor

I’ve been spending time this summer reflecting on my personal family values. Why? In large part, it’s because I want to openly acknowledge that there are many ways to be a good parent. And I can only be a good mom if I know what values and ideals are most important to me. 

If I can’t keep that focused vision in mind, my home life tends to devolve pretty quickly. I tend to glut myself on parenting research and  comparisons to others, then self-shame because I’m going about life  “all wrong.” Or I fall into crisis mode, doing nothing more than surviving the day. I’m not a mom so much as a warden, steering the kids away from bad choices and inappropriate behavior. It’s simultaneously boring and exhausting… and really not the way I want to spend my kiddos’ ever-dwindling years at home.

Here are some journal questions I use periodically to help me reflect and refocus on what’s important to me as a parent. Perhaps they can help you, as well!

  1. How would I, personally, define good parenting?
  2. Who are some good parents, teachers, or other caregivers I know? Which of their qualities and/or practices would I like to emulate?
  3. Who are some good families I admire? What qualities do they exhibit that I want my own family to share?
  4. What do I want people to observe when they see me with my family?
  5. If a miracle occurred and all the anxiety and stress in my life were suddenly gone, what would my family life look like? How would it change?
  6. Pretend money is no object. What would you do with your family?
  7. When do I feel like my best parenting self? List several memories or situations. What do they all have in common?
  8. What memories do I want my grown children to have of this time in our lives?
  9. How do I want my grown children to remember my parenting?
  10. What qualities do I want my adult children to exhibit? What values do I want their daily lives to embody?

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