Blogging Experiment: Expanding My Brand

expanding my brand

“I write. I parent. I eat good food.”

So reads the tagline on my home page, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it from my blog content. Don’t get me wrong… I love me some meal planning, and that feature of the blog is certainly sticking around. But what about sharing my family’s original recipes? What about my strategies for stocking my freezer before NaNoWriMo?

And that’s just on the “I eat good food” front. I haven’t shared anything writing-focused since November. And I’ve got tons of research that I’d love to synthesize into some [parenting blog posts (to say nothing for some anxious mama ramblings I’d love to inflict on the world…)

It’s my professional July goal to fully embody my blog’s tagline. Can I do so without irritating my foodie followers? Can I increase my blogging output without compromising my creative writing? How can I find more readers who share my interests and outlook?

Part of me is tempted to do TONS of research before I blog anything beyond meal plans. But while I know that there’s a lot of useful information out there, I suspect that finding it is really just my latest procrastination technique. So I’m just going to dive in. (Though of course if you have any resources or wisdom to share, I am all ears.)

Fellow bloggers, fair warning: it might get messy as I do a little experimenting around here! Apologies in advance, and thanks for sticking with me! 



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