July Meal Plan #1: So Much BBQ…

7.4 (6)

Americans, time to bust out your flag food!

Lots of good news to share in the food department! Most importantly, despite my earlier anxiety around purchasing a large appliance, Mr. M and I are very happy with our new refrigerator.

Moving into a new fridge forced me to tally up all the goodies I’d been hoarding. Not surprisingly, I’m currently doing a better job of using up what we already have. (So much easier to do when you actually know what’s in your freezer… huh… go figure…) Consequently, for the first time in longer than I care to admit, I finally came in under the monthly grocery budget. Bonus: this was even after purchasing everything for a big family barbecue! (Admittedly, doing our event potluck-style definitely helped on the economizing front.)

We’ve still got a ton of leftovers from said barbecue that I’m trying to re-imagine into other dishes. And we’ll also be at yet another family gathering for the 4th of July holiday. (Wee! I LOVE summer! So many chances to socialize!)

Given this wealth of food on our hands, it’s a good thing that our CSA box includes mostly snack veggies this week. Our kids will just mow down the cucumbers, snap peas, and carrots no problem. And the garlic will somehow use itself up whether I plan for it or not. (All good recipes start with garlic in the Diamond household. Yes, we are a family with stinky breath and healthy hearts!)

So in terms of fresh produce, I’m only planning around lettuce and broccoli. Oh, and every meal listed below will be supplemented with fruit from the awesome tray my sister-in-law brought for the potluck. Woo-hoo! Bring on the pantry challenge to use up those leftovers!

* * * * *

CSA Meal #1 (lettuce) – Pacific Northwest Cobb Salad (just change the chicken for smoked salmon in a traditional Cobb. It’s fabulous. I’ll try to post an official recipe later!)

celebration food (4th of July) – I’ve been tasked with bringing a side dish. If I’m lazy, it will be chips. If I’m inspired, it will be hot Reuben dip and crackers (so good that people will eat it in any weather. Seriously.) But let’s be real, people. Odds are I’m bringing chips.

Pantry Challenge #1 (leftover burger meat, CSA broccoli) – fried rice made with cut-up leftover burgers, random freezer veggies, and fresh broccoli.

Pantry Challenge #2 (leftover burger buns, frozen pork) – savory bread pudding

Pantry Challenge #3 (leftover kale, frozen pork, frozen bread crumbs) – fried pork chops and Dr. Weil’s Tuscan kale salad


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