June Meal Plan #1: Getting Back in the Swing of CSA


photo and recipe by Cristina Sciarra at Food 52

Truth: I love my CSA. Oh, sure. I’m hip to all the literature about how it’s economically and environmentally responsible to support local agriculture. And yeah, those are definite perks.

But my love is a little more selfish than that.

My family’s been buying from the same farm for a while now. The fresh, high-quality produce keeps gloriously well and ensures that we’ll actually have enough veggies in our weekly diet. Bonus: the weekly pick-up at the farm has created such a lovely small-town feel. Over the years, we’ve built a relationship with the farmers (and their charming dog!) Our kids love to climb the fruit trees, we love taking advantage of the produce trade table, and in general it’s always a fun chance to catch up with someone we know.

We have our CSA through the next 20 weeks. My meal-planning will focus on healthy food that is time-efficient to prepare, enjoyable to eat, and economically responsible. (Yes, we’ve been a little extravagant with our grocery purchasing lately… time to scale back!)

I shall also endeavor to post future plans at the start of the week. And who knows? This may be the summer that I actually learn a bit about photography! Perhaps I’ll take my own pictures… and they won’t be discolored, amateurish, and sadly off-putting… In the mean time, I shall rely on the fully-credited expertise of others!

* * * * *

CSA meal #1: bread and salad (salad to involve: dried cranberries, fine-chopped broccoli, grilled chicken, diced mozzarella cubes, sunflower seeds, and poppy seed dressing)

vegetarian meal: chard and black eyes peas (to be served with naan and Greek yogurt)

CSA meal #2: turnip and turnip greens soup, served with grilled cheese sandwiches

delicious carbs: spring garlic and chickpea tartine (with more green salad on the side)

The Big Easy: grilled pork chops, applesauce, fried beet greens, and beet rosti (I always just make the rosti as individual pancakes–easier that way!)

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