Meal Plan for the Month of May

May menu

You can download my May meal plan here.

Hi, internet. It’s been awhile. Sorry! I’ve had some life stuff happening.

Rest assured that I’ve been cooking. I’ve been eating. And I’ve been planning. Oh, how I’ve been planning! In what is likely a futile effort to exert control over the universe, I actually planned my May menu in one fell swoop, complete with recipe links. And then I told myself that I should probably post it up here ASAP in case it might be of use to anyone else.

Which clearly didn’t happen.  Um… better late than never?

A brief recap of how I meal plan:

  • I only plan five meals a week. This gives me room for spontaneous life happenings… Mr. M having a sudden yen to barbecue oysters, accepting a dinner invite, etc. It also gives us time to eat through our leftovers and cobble together random meals with leftover groceries.
  • I set themes for each weeknight. The themes rotate, based on a number of factors. These factors include time of year, life events, and whatever it is that I’m prioritizing at the moment. The one fixed category is that we always eat at least one vegetarian meal per week. My May priorities include saving time and money.
  • I like to use what I already have as much as possible. Currently, we’ve got a huge bag of tortillas from Costco to use up. We’ve also got a freezer full of lamb, razor clams, and pork. That factored in to the categories I chose for the month.
  • I do love to cook and try new recipes, so I picked four new (and potentially time-intensive) meals to try. They are indicated in grey on the calendar.

Want to download my May meal plan calendar with links to recipes? Click here for a copy. 

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