April Meal Plan #2: Starting Swim Lessons

swim pic cropped

Big Sis and me, at parent-tot swim lessons several years ago

Next week, I’m embarking on an adventure that requires a whole new level of organization and planning: early evening swim lessons for two children in the five-and-under age bracket! Pondering the post-lesson locker room antics already has me shuddering. But you know what? I’ve done this before and we somehow all managed to survive. I have great faith in our abilities!

It does mean, however, that meal planning for Mondays and Wednesdays must be simple and fast. They’ll be coming home hungry. I’ll be coming home short of patience and energy. How will I address this reality? In future weeks, I hope to employ the slow cooker… or maybe also do up some super simple skillet meals. But for now, I’m still on my Lenten pantry challenge. And I’m sticking with it, even if I’m a little light on veggies and a little heavy on carbohydrates…

* * * * *

Fridge, freezer, and pantry items I’m using up with this week’s plan: pasta, bread crumbs, garlic, chicken nuggets, black-eyed peas, corn meal, rice, beans, tortillas, jar curry, frozen meat, rice

* * * * *

Swim Lesson Night #1anchovy and garlic pasta with cut fruit

Swim Lesson Night #2 – chicken nuggets with garlic-sauteed greens and cut fruit

Pantry Challenge #1smoked sausage and black-eyed peas with cornbread

Pantry Challenge #2rice and bean lunch wraps

Pantry Challenge #3 – jar curry with either pork or lamb, served over rice.


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