February Meal Plan #3: Twice the Pork


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Earlier this year, we ordered meat from a local farmer… half a lamb, and half a pig. It was our first time purchasing local meat and we’re still trying to figure out whether or not we’re going to do it again. On the one hand, it was a bit more expensive than buying meat at the store. On the other hand, the meat is absolutely delicious and we have several cuts that we’ve never tried before. Case in point: country ham steaks. They’re like thick, delicious bonus bacon. Yum! I’m looking forward to frying up some more this week.

Currently, our freezer’s full of expertly cut and wrapped meat. Expect a focus on pork and lamb in the next few months!

Also, I would love to hear from others who’ve also gone the local butchery route. Are you fully sold on artisan meat? Do you now do a combo of butchered and store-bought? Or did you decide to make a full return to the grocery store?

* * * * *

Fighting Freezer Frump: country ham steaks, eggs, and toast

Crockpot Meal #1: white beans with bread (can’t wait to try it with local bacon!)

pizza: Pesto on top of this pizza crust, topped with goat cheese, shrimp, red onion, and sliced tomatoes

The Big Easy: Reuben sandwiches with sliced apples

Crockpot Meal #2: Zuppa Toscana with green salad (and possibly bread again…)

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