February Meal Plan #2: Snow Days


My dog is begging you: skip the complicated meals and go play in the snow!

It’s snowing here, folks. All day, my kids have been making their snow people, snow angels, and snowballs… so, not surprisingly, I’ve also been making tons of hot cocoa. As I attempt to keep up with drying wet mittens, it occurs to me that I won’t have much energy for cooking this week. (This is doubly true now that we have a young dog, whose exuberant attempts to play in the snow must be supervised lest they devolve into a game of “roll the children and steal their boots.”)

Bottom line? I’m determined to keep meals simple for the week.

Part of me wants traditional comforting winter food all week long. Another part of me knows that if I load every meal with meat and potatoes (definitely my current impulse), we’ll end up cranky from carbohydrate overload.

So here’s this week’s attempt to strike a balance between healthy and heartwarming.

Stay bundled up out there, friends!

* * * * *

Special Baking Bonus – If Big Sis scores a snow day, we’ll be making fabulous banana bread (and a big floury mess in the kitchen).

Fighting Freezer Frump #1 – slow-cooker pork loin with roasted potatoes, peas, and applesauce

Fighting Freezer Frump #2 – pulled pork sandwiches with Greek rainbow salad (this link tells you how to make the salad in a mason jar for lunches… it also includes a fabulous second recipe for buffalo chicken quinoa casserole).

Vegetarian Meal – corn and cheese chowder with Dutch oven bread

Breakfast for Dinnerovernight waffles and sausage

Cookbook meal – chicken with mustard and herbs (I’m using a recipe from this month’s cookbook… similar recipe here) with peas, sliced fruit, and whole-wheat couscous

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