Making a Meme in PowerPoint

hirson-quoteCheck it out! I made my first meme! 

This quote has been on my mind a lot lately. It comes from the final monologue in La Bête, a fabulous play by David Hirson that I was lucky enough to perform in high school.

I wanted to expend as little effort as possible making the image, so I went old school.

Here’s how I made my quote meme in PowerPoint:

  1. I downloaded a stock image from Google and then inserted it as a picture to PowerPoint.
  2. I layered a text box over it and typed in the quote, then played with fonts and sizing until I was happy with the look.
  3. Then I saved “current slide only” as a JPEG.
  4. I opened up the JPEG file with my computer’s stock editing software and cropped the image until I was happy with the look. Then I saved changes

Voila! Something inspiring to stick on my Pinterest board and share with others.



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