January Meal Plan #1


Love this cookbook

Hello, Internet! I must apologize for my long absence. Life has been rich and full as of late… and I must confess that when I have a free moment, I’ve been absolutely addicted to the public library’s Overdrive app on my phone. So, yeah. Blogging has been a low priority. On the up side, I’ve discovered several lovely new authors!

Rest assured, I have continued feeding everyone in the Diamond household. Nobody goes hungry around here! And yes, the battle to clean out my freezer remains ongoing. I hesitate to call it a resolution, but I’ve also committed myself to using my cookbooks more often in 2017. Each week in January, I’m trying out a new recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi’s fabulous Jerusalem cookbook.

Without further ado, meals for the week!

* * * * *

Mr. M’s night to cook – Yukon Gold cinnamon rolls with bacon and eggs

Fighting Freezer Frump #1 – homemade chicken noodle soup (I will post the recipe for this at some point soon, as it is incredibly delicious)

Fighting Freezer Frump #2 – razor clam po’ boys (fry battered clams and then put them in hoagie rolls with this easy remoulade). 

Jerusalem cookbook meal – red pepper galettes (bonus: this is also my vegetarian meal for the week!)

Date Night babysitter meal – pizza


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