December Meal Plan #1: Fight Freezer Frump


Nope. Not gonna live like this anymore. 

NaNoWriMo is officially over and, yes, I’ve got plans for several wrap-up and reflection posts. I’m also desperately trying to catch up with real life stuff. (You know, cleaning bathrooms, paying bills, and hunting down all the socks that somehow disappeared… it’s got to be done, but it’s not exactly scintillating.) Consider this a very long way of saying that it might be awhile before I can wrap my head around what I learned this past November… let alone share those insights via blog post. So stay tuned!

And in the mean time… food. Oh, real food. How I’ve missed you. Don’t get me wrong. I deeply enjoyed the convenience of packaged food all through November. But now I’m ready to put a bit more energy back into my cooking.

My specific goal at the moment is to use up all the odds and ends lurking in my pantry and freezer. As you can see, it’s NOT pretty in there at the moment. Nor is space used very intelligently. I’d like to fix that before 2017 rolls around.

I turn to December a little older and wiser when it comes to meal-planning. Specifically, I learned that planning fewer meals works well for my family and leaves us room for both leftovers and spontaneity. For the foreseeable future, I’m going to stick to five planned recipes per week.

Finally, I’ve added a new category to my planning, in celebration of this lovely cold weather. It’s roasting time, people, and I plan to get on my gravy groove!

Without further ado, my plan for the upcoming week:

Meatless Meal: cottage cheese sandwiches with apple slices

Squash Recipe: slow cooker beef and kabocha squash stew (which I plan to serve with delicious crusty bread)  

Roast Recipe: roast chicken with stuffing and gravy. Somewhat less gloriously, there will also be freezer veggies.

Freezer/Pantry Challenge #1: chicken pot pie

Freezer/Pantry Challenge #2: lumpia with cut fruit and steamed broccoli



2 thoughts on “December Meal Plan #1: Fight Freezer Frump

  1. my freezer looks a lot like yours- only with stuff that have long since melted/frozen when my freezer was accidentally left open that I’ve yet to get around to tossing. Needless to say my freezer needs some real TLC

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