October Meal Plan #2: Leafy Priorities


Image and recipe from Food and Wine

There’s no way I’m going to cook through our CSA goodies before I have to leave on a business trip Sunday morning. And so I’m prioritizing the food that will spoil quickly: Thai basil, lettuce, yard-long beans, plus some spinach and kale. I’ve got some celery root, too, from last week that I’m planning to use up in the rabbit dish.

Extra planning challenge: I’ve got two evening meetings this week, so I need an easier meal for myself and a super easy one for Mr. M. (Disclaimer: he’s got awesome cooking skills… but hates prepping anything complicated while simultaneously running herd on two small children and a nibbling puppy.)

Lettucy Lunches –harvest Cobb salad

CSA meal #1 – chorizo and chickpea stew

CSA meal #2 – rabbit braised in Belgian ale 

CSA meal #3Pad Kee Mao with sauteed beet greens on the side

The Big Easy – sloppy joes, tater tots, and carrot sticks

Breakfast for Dinner parsnip hash browns with eggs and sausage


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