October Meal Plan #1: CSA bounty

Long time, no meal plan… but rest assured, we have been eating. Eating well, in fact, as there’s a veritable bounty of produce in our fridge. It’s the last few weeks of our CSA and consequently I’m scrambling to get all those fresh veggies either frozen or cooked. In all likelihood, I won’t make it through this list and some of the meals will shift to next week… when I have a whole fresh box of goodies to ponder and plan around.

CSA meal #1 – spaghetti squash with green salad

CSA meal #2 – fall salad with box-mix biscuits

Vegetariantomato tart with green salad (note: I use puff pastry for the crust because it’s both easy and tasty.)

Big Sister’s Pick – macaroni and cheese with beet roesti (I do not mess around with a single large beet cake… too much effort. Instead, I treat this like a latke recipe and fry little pancakes.)

The Big Easy – sausage and peppers served on hoagie rolls with melted mozzarella.

Pantry Challenge – chicken pot pie with green salad (My chicken pot pie filler is cream of chicken soup mixed with cooked diced chicken and a bag of frozen stew veggies. This is my preferred pie crust.)


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