February 2015 Meal Plan #4: Better Late than Never

big tom

Local readers, I bet you love Big Tom’s!

My good intentions to upload this meal plan on Sunday got swept away in a torrent of toddler snot. Ugh. The creeping crud has certainly overstayed its welcome in our home. We’ve all taken a turn with it and are now simultaneously suffering. Little Man is almost never sick, which is a good thing… because I’ve discovered that baby man cold is my least favorite illness ever. Plus, it’s the end of the month (and therefore end of the grocery budget).

Needless to say, I haven’t been inspired to heights of culinary greatness. Last night we were all so exhausted that I nearly wept with relief when Smartner suggested a run to Big Tom’s. Faster than you can say “Goop, shake, fries, please!” we had dinner. (It’s times like these my man puts the “smart” in “smartner.”)

But generally this week, we are eating odds ‘n ends. These include copious leftovers, plus meals I didn’t get around to making last week.

* * * * *

Jerusalem Love – pretzel-mustard pork chops, sliced apples, and roasted potatoes with caramel and prunes. (I’ll be making my potatoes with duck fat, rather than goose. And yes, I realize the recipe link is for pretzel-mustard chicken, not pork chops. I like to mix up the  mustard sauce and crush the pretzels in advance. Then this becomes a super quick meal because I just “batter” some thin pork chops and fry them briefly.)

Vegetarian #1 –  lentil soup with homemade crusty round bread

Vegetarian #2 – orzo salad based on this recipe, but with no fresh basil… and maybe balsamic vinegar? Must see what I have in the pantry. And I will probably wrap it in a tortilla for heft because, let’s face it, everything tastes better in a tortilla. Finally, I’ll put orange slices on the side to class things up a bit.

Friday Pizza Night: this crust, topped with pesto and tilapia from the freezer, plus some roasted red peppers from a jar

Breakfast for Dinner: Yukon Gold Cinnamon Rolls (so incredibly good) with a side of scrambled eggs


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