February 2015 Meal Plan #3: Pantry Challenge

image courtesy of simplysogood.com

image courtesy of simplysogood.com

Looking back over last week’s menu, I realize we had a theme: heat. Put in a less savory way, it was a week of “Eat these Saltines, kids, while Mommy and Daddy enjoy this spicy nutritious meal. Sorry, once again I failed to cook something your sensitive little taste buds could handle.” Oops.

So I’m trying to do better this week with being kid-friendly. I’m also trying to use up what we have in our pantry and freezer.

And I may try to do something simple for Ash Wednesday (lentil soup, I’m looking at you) or we may just dine on leftovers. Not sure yet.

* * * * *

Decadent Picnic – Tonight, Smartner scored some pig liver from a friend with farming family members, so he made pate. We ate it with margarine on homemade crusty round bread. There were also salted cucumber slices, strawberries, crackers, salami, and Laughing Cow cheese. So, so, good.

Vegetarian – macaroni and cheese with steamed broccoli (I promise to post my mac recipe later this week).

Pantry Challenge – London Broil with parsley and barley salad 

Leftovers – London Broil with steamed broccoli and apple slices.

Slow Cooker/Freezer mealslow cooker coconut ginger chicken 


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