Screen Limits for Lent

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I must confess that my family has adopted some deplorable habits regarding screen time. Somehow, my previous draconian ban (which didn’t work) has slowly given way to gobs of passive entertainment.

The minute Little Man falls asleep, Sweet Pea begs for a Super Why marathon. (One episode is never enough.)

And the other day, I caught myself wanting to snidely rebuke Smartner (always an effective and loving communication technique). Why was he glued to his phone? He should be playing with the kids so I could mindlessly surf Pinterest and Facebook!

Oh, hypocrisy. Thy name is Kate.

Having recently revisited the novel concept that I can only control myself, I’ve decided to shine a light on my own screen time. And here comes the truly relevant confession:

I-Phone, I love you. Maybe a bit too much. Which is why I need to put some boundaries on our relationship.

Let’s not get too crazy. I still need you for Mapquest. And I’d like to be able to communicate with others (i.e., use the phone functions on my phone). But I want to stop sending the message that you, O Sweet Portal to the World Wide Web, are more important than my flesh-and-blood family.

Challenging, given that I use you to take care of said family (cooking, craft ideas, freelance writing work, etc.)

For each 10-day chunk of Lent, I’ll be trying a different strategy to gain control over my I-Phone habits. (If you want to read more about my thoughts on Lent, check here.)

In preparation for Lent, I’m addressing my “gateway issues.” I often use my phone as a camera or a clock… and then I get sucked in to web surfing. So this week I will replace the battery in my watch. I’ll also finally order the camera Smartner and I planned to purchase back in November.

Any advice on how I should proceed with I-Phone limitations? I am open to suggestions!


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