February 2015 Meal Plan #2: Forager Foodies

Clam diggers: grandpa, daddy, and daughter

Clam diggers: grandpa, daddy, and daughter

So… those of you following will notice a repeat of last week’s recipes. That’s because I was WAY over-enthusiastic in my planning and didn’t account for the bounty of leftovers. I updated last week’s meal plan to reflect what we actually made.

And this week, I am resolved to restrain myself… but not too much. I will plan for the leftovers our first two dishes will yield. But a grey, drizzly tail-end of winter needs brightened by a bit of dinner decadence. And since Smartner and I are seafood lovers, that means a double helping of fruits de mer.

We’ve been planning on Valentine’s Day crab cakes. Then I thought a little taste of summer would be lovely right about now, so I went to the big freezer to get out some blackberries for pie. That’s when I found more razor clams that we dug last spring. Smartner and I love picking, catching, and processing our own food–we’re trying to indoctrinate our kids into the fun and hope to do even more freezing and canning this year.

Last spring, we had some great razor clam tides out here in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve been enjoying all the classic clam comfort foods (chowder, fritters, and po’ boys), so I wanted to try a little something different with this batch. It’s a Langdon Cook recipe, so I’m sure it will be fabulous!

Without further ado, the meals:

* * * * *

The Big Easy: slow cooker red beans and rice; collard greens

Vegetarian:  Sweet Potato, Squash, and Black Bean Enchiladas (Thug Kitchen, pg. 155)

Pantry Challenge: Chinese Stir-Fried Razor clams with rice, steamed edamame, and broccoli.

Friday Pizza Night: Classic Pizza (this crust, topped with the store-bought red sauce I’d like to use up and whatever else I have on hand. Probably matchstick-sliced salami, cheese, and leftover veggies.)

Valentine’s Day: heart-shaped crab cakes, courtesy of our local seafood supplier; baby spinach salad with dates and almonds (because you didn’t think I’d go a week without using Jerusalem, did you?) Maybe some apple slices. We will also have champagne and blackberry pie. (For the pie, I’ll use my favorite crust.)


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