Weekly Meal Plan #20: Lots of Breakfast

Isn’t March a long month? My grocery budget certainly seems to think so. And yet there’s always a bright spot! We actually made the vegetarian meal already and it was ridiculously good. Also, my parents are having us over this week for crab sandwiches. (My mom is a fabulous cook and this is one of my favorites.)

Without further ado, our menu for the week. (Links when relevant!) FYI, the vegetarian meal is all kinds of excellent.

The Big Easytater tot casserole
Freezer/crockpotsplit pea soup
Pantry Challenge – pancakes and link sausage
Pizza/Pasta – Traci’s Mac ‘n Cheese
The Random – enchiladas from freezer (last of the food kind souls made us when Shark was born)
Vegetarianeggs in purgatory with Yukon Gold cinnamon rolls


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