Weekly Meal Plan #18: Waste Not, Want Not

Internet, meet Shark! He's the reason for my hiatus.

Internet, meet Shark! He’s the reason for my hiatus.

Hello, all! Long time, no recipe planning.

I assure you, we’ve been eating quite well in the Diamond household. In fact, I took January off from cooking after Shark arrived. (Thank you to all family and friends who kept us in shepherd’s pie and lasagna for a month. It was glorious to cut out all that cooking, cleaning, and shopping time!)

As for February, well… running my household took enough energy that I didn’t have any to spare for posting meal plans. But now I’m back! I’ve got a whole bunch of basil to use up, and I hate it when a recipe calls for part of an avocado and the rest goes bad. (I love me some avocado, but goodness that’s some temperamental produce!) With that in mind, our recipes for the upcoming week:

* * * * *

Pantry Challenge – Green Goddess grilled cheese sandwiches

The Big Easyminestrone soup and BLTAs (I’ve got to add that avocado!)

Pizza/Pasta roasted garlic chicken pesto pizza (and here we’re using up the extra pesto from all that basil)

Crockpot/Freezer – Crock Pot Coq au Vin (with baked acorn squash as a side)

Vegetarianvegetarian tacos

The RandomCilantro Lime Chicken (I will make two batches, one for eating and one for freezing)


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