Weekly Meal Plan #17: Twenty Questions

Exactly how much sugar, starch, and fat did I consume over the holidays? How can I recover from the sweet, sweet excess while also using up all these extra potatoes? And will I be having a baby today? These are just some of the burning questions I’m asking this week.

There’s some argument as to when Baby #2 is due–perhaps it was yesterday, or we’re looking at New Year’s Eve. Either way, I’m trying to plan for upcoming chaos. Were I a bit more organized, my freezer would already be stocked with amazing ready-to-go meals. Alas, I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to prepare for my 12-week departure from work. The home front has been sadly neglected. And my freezer is already pretty full of random meat cuts and spare bread. So I’ll be doing a reorganization and re-stock this week (unless, of course, I’m giving birth).

Also on the agenda: make a big Costco run this week and come back with chicken–lots of chicken. This is a necessary ingredient for the many crockpot dishes I plan to freeze.

Crockpot/Freezer: The day I put these all together, we’ll just have one of them. I plan to make Cilantro Lime Chicken with Corn and Black Beans, World’s Best Chicken, and Garlic Lime Chicken (all recipes make a double batch, and they are all available–along with others–through this link). If I feel up to it, I might also make Honey and Dijon Mustard Chicken.

Smoothies for breakfast (a good way to start the day post-Christmas)

The Random #1: Salmon with Fennel, Bell Pepper, and Olives

The Random #2: Winter Detox Super-Foods Salad (perhaps with pork chops on the side)

Vegetarian: corn and cheese chowder

Pantry Challenge: potato pancakes with a green salad


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