Taming My To-Do List: Housekeeping

Perhaps the best gift I received for Christmas this year was my mother coming over on the 26th to help clean my house. And by “help,” I mean she did it all while my daughter napped and I went to a doctor’s appointment. What can I say? My mother is an excellent human being as well as a terrifyingly efficient housekeeper.

She took several Magic Erasers to my previously revolting stovetop, sink, and kitchen floor. I am now determined to keep them clean. In fact, I revisited a post I pinned several months ago to my “Home Care” board on Pinterest.

I modified the list for my family’s current needs–primarily because once-a-week-laundry does not work for life with a toddler. Also, I go to work before anyone else in the house is awake (so morning chores have to be quiet). Given my absence before others arise, I admit it’s somewhat wishful thinking that the beds will be made before they leave the house. But hope springs eternal!

Finally, I formatted my list with checkboxes, specifically because I love to track my progress. (Do you laminate your lists and check boxes with Vis a Vis markers? Delightful and reusable!)

Enjoy! If you decide to use this–or some variation–let me know! And please let me know how you update it to make it better.

Here’s the list of daily chores:

daily chores

Here are my weekly chores, with the swing list:

weekly chores



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