Weekly Meal Plan #17: Twenty Questions

Exactly how much sugar, starch, and fat did I consume over the holidays? How can I recover from the sweet, sweet excess while also using up all these extra potatoes? And will I be having a baby today? These are just some of the burning questions I’m asking this week.

There’s some argument as to when Baby #2 is due–perhaps it was yesterday, or we’re looking at New Year’s Eve. Either way, I’m trying to plan for upcoming chaos. Were I a bit more organized, my freezer would already be stocked with amazing ready-to-go meals. Alas, I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to prepare for my 12-week departure from work. The home front has been sadly neglected. And my freezer is already pretty full of random meat cuts and spare bread. So I’ll be doing a reorganization and re-stock this week (unless, of course, I’m giving birth).

Also on the agenda: make a big Costco run this week and come back with chicken–lots of chicken. This is a necessary ingredient for the many crockpot dishes I plan to freeze.

Crockpot/Freezer: The day I put these all together, we’ll just have one of them. I plan to make Cilantro Lime Chicken with Corn and Black Beans, World’s Best Chicken, and Garlic Lime Chicken (all recipes make a double batch, and they are all available–along with others–through this link). If I feel up to it, I might also make Honey and Dijon Mustard Chicken.

Smoothies for breakfast (a good way to start the day post-Christmas)

The Random #1: Salmon with Fennel, Bell Pepper, and Olives

The Random #2: Winter Detox Super-Foods Salad (perhaps with pork chops on the side)

Vegetarian: corn and cheese chowder

Pantry Challenge: potato pancakes with a green salad

Taming My To-Do List: Housekeeping

Perhaps the best gift I received for Christmas this year was my mother coming over on the 26th to help clean my house. And by “help,” I mean she did it all while my daughter napped and I went to a doctor’s appointment. What can I say? My mother is an excellent human being as well as a terrifyingly efficient housekeeper.

She took several Magic Erasers to my previously revolting stovetop, sink, and kitchen floor. I am now determined to keep them clean. In fact, I revisited a post I pinned several months ago to my “Home Care” board on Pinterest.

I modified the list for my family’s current needs–primarily because once-a-week-laundry does not work for life with a toddler. Also, I go to work before anyone else in the house is awake (so morning chores have to be quiet). Given my absence before others arise, I admit it’s somewhat wishful thinking that the beds will be made before they leave the house. But hope springs eternal!

Finally, I formatted my list with checkboxes, specifically because I love to track my progress. (Do you laminate your lists and check boxes with Vis a Vis markers? Delightful and reusable!)

Enjoy! If you decide to use this–or some variation–let me know! And please let me know how you update it to make it better.

Here’s the list of daily chores:

daily chores

Here are my weekly chores, with the swing list:

weekly chores


Weekly Meal Plan #16: Poultry-Fest

Sweet Pea, from the last time we made pumpkin scones

Sweet Pea, from the last time we made pumpkin scones

Happy December, everybody. A new month, a new crack at the grocery budget… and Christmas on the way. Hurray!

Diamond Baby #2 is due on New Year’s Eve, so this promises to be a busy month. I’m trying to enjoy the holiday season with my family while also wrapping up the last items on my pre-baby to-do list. (In terms of domestic prep, we are ready. In terms of my sub plans for work… well, I shudder and sigh in defeat.)

There’s also much visiting to be done this month, with multiple dinner parties on the horizon. This week we get to spend time with my cousin’s family, which means I’m down a dinner to plan. Also, the stuff I’m making this week is leftover-intensive. Bonus! Perhaps I’ll get some of those sub plans done after all… (don’t hold your breath).

* * * * *

Sinful Baking Yumminess: Hey! I’ve got everything I need to make Cranberry Buttermilk Bread! (That’s providing that I sour up some milk.) But Sweet Pea has specifically requested another round of pumpkin scones. So who knows? We might have to make both.

The Random: Crispy Chicken Salad, from Raising the Salad Bar-such a palate cleanser after all that delicious (but heavy) Thanksgiving food!

Vegetarian: Pear, Shallot, and Delicata Squash Soup (I meant to make this last week but had way more leftovers than anticipated.)

Pantry Challenge: Turkey Noodle Soup (adding leftover gravy to the broth… so good! So fattening!)

Crockpot/Freezer: Slow Cooker Coconut Chicken Curry