Weekly Meal Plan #13: Palate Cleanser

Sweet Pea helped make Pumpkin Pie Bread Pudding

Sweet Pea helps make Pumpkin Pie Bread Pudding

I feel like we’ve been eating the same few recipes for weeks. Why? Well, my husband and I have been hesitant to spend big bucks on food while we were both waiting to hear what our yearly salaries would be (long, boring story). Also, October is a five-week month… which means the budget had to do some serious stretching. And finally, it’s the end of the quarter. Grades are due. Parent-teacher conferences loom. The stack of unscored essays… it is gargantuan and demoralizing.

So the grading pile is still a problem, and I’ve actually got conferences this week. (Three cheers for working two 13-hour days in a row! Anyone? Anyone? No? Hmm.) But I figured: why not procrastinate productively on the grading? I could chop up all our veggies and meat in advance!

And I could find something different and possible tantalizing to eat.

* * * * *

Pumpkin/Apple Treat: pumpkin pie fudge (the less complicated version of these truffles)

The Random: chicken quinoa casserole (which I’ve been planning to make forever, but haven’t yet)

Vegetarian: butternut squash soup

Pantry Challenge: quiche. Seriously. Use up the remaining kale.

The Big Easy: Chinese Pork Stew with Daikon Radish

Crockpot/Freezer: crockpot honey and Dijon chicken

Grain-Based: Beef Lo Mein (I’m making mine from Mark Bittman’s fabulous The Best Recipes in the World. If you don’t have the book, you should get it. But in the mean time, you could always check out this recipe.)


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