Weekly Meal Plan #7: A Slight Tweak

I am trying something new this week. I want to stave off the temptation to make grilled cheese sandwiches or BLTs for dinner (not that there’s anything wrong with that). So I’m planning with mid-week disillusionment in mind.

This is especially important, as my husband starts school again next week. (Yes, we sat down and said, “We’re both working full-time and we have a toddler. This isn’t enough pressure. Let’s send one of us back to school and try to pay for it out-of-pocket!”) So two nights a week, I’ll be on my own… and odds are Sweet Pea will be clinging to my leg, begging me to pay attention to her instead of cooking.

Huh. It’s almost like I’ve done this before.

The new categories I’m planning for:

  • The Random: for whatever recipe I’m craving and/or dying to try
  • Vegetarian: a budget- and health-helper
  • Pantry Challenge: because using up ingredients I already have will help the budget and soothe my Type A soul
  • The Big Easy: must be quick and make plenty of leftovers (I’m thinking comfort food)
  • Crockpot/Freezer: I want to dump it in the oven and/or crockpot, then forget about it.
  • Pizza/Pasta: because nothing says “Friday night” like mixing your leftovers with one carb or another

And without further ado, here’s how the categories play out this week!

* * * * *

The Random: deviled pork chops with green salad (all hail Mark Bittman, amazing cookbook author)

Vegetarian: veggie shepherd’s pie from Clean Eating magazine

Pantry Challenge: shrimp burritos modeled after the lovelies from QB (check Nunu’s Shrimp Burrito on this menu)

The Big Easy: Frito Chili Pie

Crockpot/Freezer: honey sesame chicken for the crockpot, with rice and a broccoli-heavy green salad

Pizza/Pasta: a Kate pasta creation, to involve: kale, Parmesan, mushrooms, onion, garlic, and whatever’s left over on Friday night!


One thought on “Weekly Meal Plan #7: A Slight Tweak

  1. What a great post! I totally know how you feel (minus having a little one tugging at my leg) and especially identify with loving to use up what’s in the fridge and pantry. By the way, that sesame chicken looks amazing!

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