Weekly Meal Plan #4: Back to Work

“Teachers are so lucky–they get three whole months off every year!”

This, my friends, is emphatically NOT TRUE. There have been years that, due to snow days, we barely got out before the 4th of July. And teachers always have to go back for meetings in August–the length and hideousness of said meetings to be determined by (a) your professional responsibilities outside the classroom (b) the requirements of your contract.

This week, I’ll be doing a week-long Kagan Workshop. My dear husband will have his first week as Mr. Mom, while simultaneously job-hunting and studying for a computer certification. Yes, I suspect you’ll be hearing lots more about that later…

But in the mean time, I need to make a no-frills menu plan for the week that takes into account our CSA goodies. And so, without further ado:

* * * * *

Freezer Stocking: first of all, I just need to organize the darn thing and take inventory of what we already have (which probably isn’t much… but I have bags of stray carrots all over the place in there). Then, I plan to make Lazy Day Stew (scroll down for the recipe, which makes two full meals). I will also stock up on supplies for 8-Can Taco Soup.

Meal Plan #1chicken broccoli quinoa casserole (with cut veggies and/or fruit on the side)

Meal Plan #2 – BLT chicken salad with ranch dressing (scroll down for recipe–I also highly recommend the cookbook!)

Meal Plan #3 – Cabbage Beef Soup (yes, again–more cabbage in our CSA!)

Meal Plan #4 – Thai curry (my husband makes this, and it’s different every time. So sorry, no recipe.)

Meal Plan #5 – summer squash and eggplant lasagna


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