Weekly Meal Plan #3: Fast and Fresh

Resolution: spend as much time with this kid as possible!

Resolution: spend as much time with this kid as possible!

Sigh. This is my last real week of summer. Students don’t come back to school until September 4th, but starting next week I’ve got meetings and trainings to attend. My goal is to spend as much time with Sweet Pea as possible–pleasant time, mind you, as opposed to “get off my leg so I can cook” time.  The principles guiding my meal plan this week:

(1) The aforementioned quality time with Sweet Pea.

(2) A desire to begin freezer cooking for upcoming back-to-work stress.

(3) An acknowledgement that I never actually make seven planned-out dinners. There’s always a night that we end up pulling something out of the freezer, making tacos, or having breakfast for dinner.

Breakfast treat: Blueberry Buckle (I found a recipe in my Country Cooking book, but this looks very similar)

Dinner #1: Italian-Style Steak, Mushrooms, and Onions (with green beans on the side)

Dinner #2: quiche with sautéed kale and red onions (I’m omitting the bacon from this recipe, plus using skim milk instead of heavy cream). What’s that you say? Quiche is just breakfast food? Well, I like pie crust so I’m not making frittata. Call me a rebel!

Dinner #3: Make-Ahead Lunch Wraps (these are a Diamond household staple: we’ve been known to eat them for every meal: eat a few for dinner, freeze the rest!)

Dinner #4: Balsamic Vinegar Chicken with Fresh Tomatoes, and I’ll serve green beans on the side

Dinner #5: “summer in a bowl” spaghetti

Dinner #6: BBQ at my parents’ house (probably salmon; Dad’s an epic fisherman–yay!)


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