Weekly Meal Plan #1: CSA catch-up

CSA veggiesSo, several of the blogs I haunt feature a regular meal-planning post. And I’ve decided to follow suit… mainly for my own sanity (so nice to have all the week’s recipes linked in one place!)

A caveat: we are doing a CSA this summer, and I’m behind on using all the gorgeous produce. I’ve been struggling to freeze as much as possible, but you just can’t go there for some veggies (Swiss Chard comes instantly to mind).

And thus my theme for the week: CSA catch-up. Must eat the chard (and cabbage) before it spoils!

Snacks for the week: yogurt-herb dip and veggies, jicama salsa and tortilla chips (for the dip, I just mixed yogurt with some dried rosemary, chopped Italian parsley, and diced garlic. I added salt and pepper, then let it chill overnight.)

Sunday: pork chops with Swiss Chard fritters (I just sauté the pork chops in oil with a little South African Smoke seasoning on top. The fritter recipe comes at the end of the blog post.)

Monday: Lasagna Primavera

Tuesday: squash wraps (Dice garlic and onions. Slice up zucchini and summer squash. Sauté until soft, adding some red pepper flakes and/or Salt & Spice. Add some form of protein if you so desire. Serve in tortillas with pepper jack cheese.)

Wednesday: cabbage beef soup and beer bread

Thursday: herbed potato salad with sautéed beet greens and tilapia (For beet greens: wash and chop. Sauté with minced garlic until wilted. For tilapia: season with lemon pepper spice and sauté until done. Serve with lemon.)

Friday: our fifth wedding anniversary! Woo-hoo! My husband and I will be going out (or getting take-out, if we can’t find a babysitter).

Saturday: Apricot Mustard Chicken with Beet Roesti and a tossed green salad

Don’t-know-when-we’re-going-to-eat-it-but-must-use-up-cabbage: Udon noodles in squash broth with shredded Napa cabbage (maybe for lunch if we run out of leftovers?)


4 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan #1: CSA catch-up

  1. I love that you are posting meal planning! I tend to fall into a rut and this is great inspiration! I am going to steal some of your ideas for the week, especially that beet roesti.

  2. @ Shosh: I tend to have the opposite problem! I get so wrapped up in trying new recipes that cooking takes too much time and effort. I need to get better about food prep while Sweet Pea is napping (which, of course, only helps when I’m off for the summer…)

    @ Tammy: I wish I’d thought to add jicama to my American flag fruit dish! I had a square of blueberries and stripes of watermelon, but to mimic the white stripes I used cubes of jack cheese. Next year, I’ll be sure to use jicama instead!

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