Hollywood Gossip + Random Rant

Any other Castle fans out there see the news? Nathan Fillion skipped work on Friday, June 12th. Apparently, it’s part of his “feud” with ABC over his contract. He wants to work a four-day week. ABC says it’s not possible, as he’s in almost every scene of every episode. I’m guessing both sides have valid points and there’s tons of information we don’t know.

But the blogosphere has gone wild–with many people calling Fillion unprofessional, whiny, and talentless. The general comment usually goes something like this: “You get paid $100,000 an episode to sit around in an air-conditioned trailer and play make-believe while gophers fetch you lattes. Anyone can do that. They should replace you. You’re not that good. By not showing up to work for one day, you’ve disrespected everyone and everything and you should be black-balled from Hollywood FOREVER. Firemen and nurses have to work long hours all the time and they don’t get paid nearly as much. And they are saints who NEVER complain and NEVER protest working conditions. So just quit being an ungrateful sissy and do what you’re told!”

Two thoughts: 1) If anyone can be an actor, why are there so many aspiring actors who can’t get a break? 2)  Nurses never protest? Really? Where do YOU live, random bloggers? (And I’m not saying they don’t deserve to go on strike… I’m just saying it happens. And often for more than a day. You know why? Because sometimes, strikes improve working conditions!)

Today, actor David Boreanaz (Agent Booth on Bones) apparently couldn’t resist mocking Fillion at a Comic Con panel, joking, “I want to work four days, not five.” Regardless of whether Fillion’s mini-strike was professional or not, and regardless of whether or not his request was reasonable, I felt this comment was particularly unprofessional…  and stupid. It immediately made me think, “Gosh, David Boreanaz. Maybe if you weren’t working so much you could spend more time with your family. And then you wouldn’t be screwing around on your pregnant wife or getting sued for sexual harassment.” (All of which, I recognize, could easily have happened whether Boreanaz works 10 or 100 hours a week. But still. Glass houses and throwing stones and all that.)

And then I thought: why do we, as a culture, tend to put so much stock behind shutting up and doing what we’re told at work? In working long, ridiculous hours without complaint? What IS the virtue in working so much… especially since, the more we feel chained to our desk, the more likely we are to fritter away our time playing Candy Crush or checking email? In my mind, vacation is a good thing. Paid sick leave is a necessity. And American society wouldn’t actually suffer if we all got to spend a little more time with our family and friends.

But as Dennis Miller used to say, “Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.”

What do you all think?

Summer Plans

summer goal chart

I am a planner by nature. Nothing gives me more joy in life than making a list–unless, of course, it’s checking a finished item off that list! Is it any wonder, then, that I feel a compulsion to plan out my summer vacation? Scoff if you must… but I want to enjoy my time off from teaching. I don’t want to look back in August (when I’m stuck at a training or a meeting for school) and think, “Gee. I wish I’d done more fun things with Sweet Pea. Where did the time go?” or “Gosh. I really meant to catch up–or at least start–Sweet Pea’s baby book. Why couldn’t I find the time?”

I’ve seen a few summer to-do lists floating around on Pinterest and thought I’d make one of my own. I added two rows: activities to do with Sweet Pea, and activities to do while she’s napping. Yes, I enjoy being a mother. But I can’t be all that devoted to my kid unless I also take some adult time for myself. Hence the second row. Also: I’m not so Planny Mc-Plan-Plan that I can’t change things up–we might be wild and go to the library on Wednesday this week–but I’m worried that if I don’t make a list or a chart then I’ll just kind of sit around resentfully eyeing my laundry pile.

So. A few words on the different categories:


  • Bake Day: Too often, I shoo Sweet Pea out of the kitchen. This is my day to pick a cooking or baking project where she can actually “help.” And then be patient with her while she “helps.” And clean up after all the “helping.”
  • Library Day: Self-explanatory. Happily, included due to my daughter’s constant insistence!
  • Adventure Day: Items on the list thus far include going to various parks, plunging into the local pool, and messing around at the fountain.
  • Visiting Day: We have tons of relatives and friends in the area. I always mean to visit them and/or invite them over. This summer, I’m going to. And Sweet Pea, my social butterfly, will love coming along.
  • Arts & Crafts Day: We color with crayons and play with play dough every day. I’m talking the more involved projects here–ones that involve smocks, paint, and possibly Q-Tips… or even (gasp!) glue. (See note above about tons of clean-up…)


  • Writing: Novelists don’t finish their novels unless they write. It’s an odd and unfortunate truth, but I’m learning to live with it. I’m actually hoping to get more writing done (not just one day a week), but this is at least one nap-time a week I’ve promised to devote to nothing BUT writing.
  • Clutter-Busting: Little piles of papers. Disorganized drawers. Cupboards. Things I can’t blame on my toddler and really want to clean up.
  • Teaching: My goal is to be planned through Winter Break so I’m not a crazy woman when work starts back up. I’m going back to full-time this year and I’m teaching 9th grade English for the first time. So a little pre-planning is definitely in order!
  • Scrapbooking: I’ve got to choose photos from Sweet Pea’s first two years of life, write my captions and blurbs, then compose layouts.
  • Relaxing: if I don’t put it on the list, I won’t do it. Or I’ll try to tell myself that doing the dishes is some sort of Zen meditation technique (lie). This is my day to take a bubble bath, read a romance novel, or watch Downton Abbey episodes… whatever I want!

What do you think? Any suggestions for other adventures I can do with Sweet Pea? What are your summer plans?