Chicken Parmesan Bake

chicken parmLet me start by saying this delicious recipe is NOT my creation. It’s all part of my Pinterest obsession. Originally, it comes from Chef John over at Food Wishes. And as far as I’m concerned, the man is a genius. This is easy to assemble and incredibly tasty. It freezes well and looks impressive. It’s also easy to double or halve, as your food need dictates. And you can bet I’ll be serving it the next time I have a dinner party.

Looks like I have a new blog to add to my feed.

Much Ado About Whedon

“If you get the chance, check out the trailer for the new Much Ado About Nothing. It is Whedon porn.”

The text came from one of my best friends several minutes after my dear husband had already sent me a link. Much ado, indeed! As far as I’m concerned, Beatrice and Benedict are the original romantic comedy couple (such lovely banter!) And in this particular version, the cast runs like a “who’s who” of beloved Whedon actors. The preview looks delightful. It begs the question: who wouldn’t want to go to a Shakespeare party at Whedon’s house?

Today is a happy day, indeed. So many of my nerd buttons pressed all at once. Shakespeare, Whedon, and Nathan Fillion? Win. Win. Win.