Epic History Nerd Moment

Richard-IIIIn case the title of my last post didn’t clue you in, I’m a big Richard III fan. I love Shakespeare’s play. I love the history. I love the revisionist history. I own and frequently reread Josephine Tey’s fabulous mystery novel, Daughter of Time (and yes, I recommend it to you now if you’ve any interest in Richard III).

Great Britain fascinates me. Like any good romance reader/writer, I love me some Jane Austen. I enjoy each episode of Downton Abbey. And I firmly believe that an accent from some corner of the British Empire makes an actor especially drool-worthy.


At my core, I’m a super-geek. I love the medieval thru Elizabethan era. I love the fact that it’s a period at once familiar (we’ve all seen our fair share of utterly inaccurate princess/knight movies) and remote (so many gaps and potential/probable misinterpretations in our knowledge). And Richard? The dude’s been dead for centuries. He was only king for two years. And yet he remains one of the most famous and controversial figures in history.

Did he kill the princes in the Tower? Such a good question.  And I’m betting it will be asked more often–and investigated more thoroughly–now that they’ve exhumed and identified Richard III’s body.

A PhD program! A PhD program! My kingdom for a PhD program! (Oh, and the ability to actually read medieval Latin.)

I’m sure you’ve heard. It’s all over the news. But just in case, here’s a link to catch you up.

Later, my friends. I’m off to cruise the Richard III Society homepage. (Earlier today I read about a plan to write a movie about Richard III, with potential casting of–squeal!–Richard Armitage!)


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