The Winter of My Discontent

Victorian child beggarsSo, yes. The furnace went out. On a Saturday. In January. Isn’t that how it always happens?

And–joy of joys–the furnace remained defunct for the better part of two weeks. We had to schedule and wait for the initial visit. Then there was waiting for a part to come in. And then (of course) we had to schedule the final visit. And wait some more. Grrr!

As the temperature plummeted, life here became a Dickens novel. Picture me in a coat, scarf, and tipless gloves frantically grading papers. But hey! At least Sweet Pea wasn’t (a) clothed in tattered rags or (b) forced into soul-crushing child labor.

And now we have heat, sweet heat, once more. I am forced to admit yet again that I am far from a pioneer woman. Roughing it? Ha! Even in the midst of our furnace crisis, I had reliable access to indoor plumbing, transportation, electricity, healthy food, and clean water. Sure, I may have huddled around a space heater whining, “Please sir, I want some more.” But whenever the chill factor got to us, Sweet Pea and I could always unthaw at a loved one’s domicile.

In short, this little episode made me appreciate the luxuries I constantly enjoy.  It made me conscious of the fact that I have so many blessings in my life. I am both grateful and humbled…

… and finally, finally warm.