Mum’s the Word

My husband and I took our first non-baby outing on August 2nd (our third wedding anniversary). My mother came over to watch the munchkin, and we went out to get sushi for lunch. Afterwards, we saw the final Harry Potter movie.

Some couples have a song: my husband and I have Hogwarts. When we first started dating in 2003, I read him Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone over a series of weekends. At the time, we lived about an hour and a half away from each other. He used to call me on Thursday nights and ask, “Can you come up early? I can’t wait to find out what happens next!”

Since then, J.K. Rowling’s books and movies have been the “song” of our courtship/romance. My connection with the series has changed as we’ve grown older, gotten married, and had our baby.

I will always identify with Hermione (I am, after all, a bit bossy and a major school nerd) but for this last movie I found myself focusing on the Potterverse mothers.  I started sobbing when they showed Lily Potter’s big death scene–something we’ve seen multiple times, but extended here to include her murmuring, “Mommy loves you” to a baby Harry. Yeah, I just couldn’t get it back after that. I even started identifying with Narcissa Malfoy.

It will be interesting to reread the books from my new perspective as a mother.

Needless to say, we went home as soon as the movie was over so I could cuddle my wee one and reassure myself that she was safe.  I’m crying now just thinking about it. (Hormones? What hormones?)

All in all, an excellent movie. I would feel melancholy that the series is over… but I’m still looking forward to the boxed set Blu-Ray release (and our subsequent marathon viewing of the same).

Do you have a special song, book, movie, or restaurant with your significant other? Any special Harry Potter memories? If so, please share!


One thought on “Mum’s the Word

  1. Aww, Kate, I love that! You know I am one of the BIGGEST HP geeks in the universe, so I totally identified with your post, LOL. I have far too many HP memories to list, the most awesome recent one being getting to ride the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride at Universal, Orlando while there for a major Harry Potter fan convention (LeakyCon 2011) with my family and HP online friends. Incredible!

    As for the movie…. just beautiful. As a mother, I definitely identify with the HP moms, and the scene with Lily whispering to Harry is one that gets me every time, as well as the scene in the forest with the Resurrection Stone. I just saw it for the 7th, yes 7th, time last night, and bawled through those ones yet again! The one I cry the hardest on, every single time, though, oddly, is the epilogue. I LOVE seeing Harry as a dad and watching him reassure Albus Severus as he prepares to journey to Hogwarts for the first time. Then the killer: the Trio, watching the train pull away without them, their children on board, while the theme song plays… It absolutely slays me every time.

    Luckily, the advent of Pottermore to look forward to has saved me from sliding totally into a post-Potter depression. Thank you, Jo!


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